Scott County Jail Project: Questions and Answers
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Proposed Facility Solution

Question 1.

Which option was selected and recommended by CJAAC?

Option 3C1 was recommended by CJAAC and endorsed by the Scott County Board of Supervisors. That option includes the renovation and expansion of the existing jail facilities in their current locations. This option also addresses all of the concerns of the existing facilities and meets the needs identified in the Facility Needs document.

Question 2.

Why is that option the best solution for the community?

The option unanimously recommended by CJAAC and endorsed by the Board was one of ten solutions thoroughly analyzed by staff and community members of CJAAC.

All involved believe this solution makes good use of our existing facilities, adds space to better accommodate the new programmatic initiatives and increases jail cell space to accommodate our current and future need beyond 2020 and longer depending on the impact of alternatives.

The selected solution fully accomplishes those objectives and does so in a cost effective manner.