Scott County Jail Project: Questions and Answers
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Question 1.

What is this project to cost?

The cost of the selected option is estimated to be $29.7 Million dollars in total.

The cost would be paid for by revenue bonds issued by the Scott County Public Safety Authority. Those bonds would, in turn, be paid for over 20 years by Scott County

Question 2.

What is this going to cost me personally (the tax payers of Scott County)?

Using current tax base amounts, anticipated interest rates and the estimated capital cost of the selected option, we anticipate the jail to cost as follows:

  • $1.90 per month on a $100,000 home, or
  • $1.21 per month on 40 acres of farm land

Question 3.

How much have we spent on consultants and architects?

In the first phase of the project, the County contracted with Voorhis Associates to complete a needs assessment; that contract was for $70,345. We have entered into a 2 year contract for Phase Two with the same firm to provide program evaluation and develop services for the alternatives identified in Phase One and Facility Planning, Programming and Conceptual Design Services over the next 2 years. That contract is for $211,090.

Question 4.

Are either the consultant or the architect getting a percentage of the construction cost for this part of the project?

Both contracts with our consulting firms are fixed fee contracts. Both include all costs associated with delivery of the services we requested, and neither are based on a percentage of the construction cost of the building.

Fees based on a percentage of cost are usually associated with traditional design projects. The County has ensured by the approach it has used that the firm doing the planning of the facility has no vested interest in its size.