Digital Plat Books

Scott County Digital Plat Book

Scott County no longer maintains paper/linen plat book maps. All property boundaries are now maintained digitally within the Scott County Geographic Information System. For most users, the online Scott County GIS Web Service is the preferred way to access ownership maps because of the available tools, integration with tax/appraisal data and enhanced functionality offered through the online application.

Scott County also publishes the Digital Plat Books to PDF format for those wanting to view ownership boundaries in a traditional plat book style. These Digital Plat Books are updated regularly and are organized according to the U.S. Public Land Survey System which references geographic township, range and section. Maps are created at 1” = 50 ft, 100 ft, 200ft and 400ft depending on development densities. Publication date listed on individual PDF documents.

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For the most current ownership boundaries please visit the Scott County GIS Web Service at: